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One of the best sites for diving, caverns and caves, open enviroments, sea life, amazing experience.

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Professional and passionate staff, committed to let the divers be happy and safe.


Paolo Micarelli

Diver since i was young but i had my OWD card in 1997, i spent many years around the world employeed in an Italian Touristic Company, i became OWSI in 2005, soon i arrived in Alghero and i am still here, and very happy about that.

I am a PADI Course Director, so my job is to lead the diving operations,be a guide, an instructor and also a mentor for new Instructors and students.

I live my job so much, it is my passion and my life.

More than 3500 logged dives.

More than 800 certificated students.

  • PADI Course Director

  • Tec Deep Instructor Trainer

  • Trimix Instructor

  • DAN Instructor Trainer

  • Specialities Instructor Trainer of 20 courses including Cavern.

  • EFR Instructor Trainer

  • GUE Tech 2 

  • Sport &Gym Teacher

  • MPS Trainer ( CONI )


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From  children till professional levels programs

Medical Statement Required, Equipment included, personal DAN insurance suggested.

Certification not included.


Bubblemaker PADI

1 day.

Age: 8 years min

Confined Water or Pool

Depth max: 2mt/6ft

A program ideated for Children, a sort of a Discovery under strictly supervision.

PADI Seal Team

3-4 days.

Age: 8 years

In pool only

Depth Max: 4mt/13ft

A program ideated for children who want improve their knowledge and skills,eligible for Confined Water 1, Owd Course.

PADI Discovery Scuba Diver

1 day.

Age: 10 years

Pool or Confined Water

Depth: max 6 mt/19ft

Dive : 12mt open water

Perfect for people who want to try, the program is also eligible for OWD section 1

Suitable * 1 day.

Scuba Diver PADI

2-3 giorni.

Scuba Diver PADI

2-3 days.

Age: 10 years ( Junior )

3 Knowledge sections

3 Confined water sections

2 Open water dives

Depth: 12 mt, always with a Professional

License worldwide and lifetime valuable

You become a diver, perfect for starting and doing experience.

PADI Open Water Diver

4-5 days.

Age: 10 years (Junior)

5 Theory sections

5 Confined water sections

4 Dives

Depth: 18 mt

License as Autonomous Diver, worldwide valuable, the best known entry level in diving community.

PADI Adventure Diver

1-2 days.

Age: 10 years(Junior Aventure diver)

Be an ( junior) Open Water Diver

3 Adventure Dives

Complete the three Knowledge Reviews for the
completed Adventure Dives.

Diver Advanced Open Water PADI

2-3 days.

Age: 12 years(Junior)

Complete five Adventure Dives including Deep and
Underwater Navigation.
• Complete the five Knowledge Reviews for the
completed Adventure Dives.

PADI Rescue Diver

4-5 days.

Age: 12 years ( Junior )

Student divers meet course performance requirements and:
• Complete five knowledge development segments and
• Demonstrate skills from the Self-Rescue Review either
in confined or open water.
• Demonstrate skills from Rescue Exercises 1-10 in open
• Participate in Rescue Scenarios 1 and 2 in open water.
• Prepare an emergency assistance plan for a dive site.

Emergency First Responder Course

1 day.

Requirement for Rescue diver course, it is the way to learn how to help people, Primary and Secondary Care, Use of AED, Adult and Pediatric.

S27087 Cert.JPG
It is the biggest diving organisation of the world, 24 million of PADI divers are witness of quality...Dive Today,Dive with us
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Via Porto Conte n.77

07041 - Alghero (SS)

Tel: 0039 329 9282836

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Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 78 – 07041 Alghero (SS)
P.Iva 02818650901

C.F 92161470908

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